• Alie Powell

Dairy Free "Ricotta Cheese"

I love Italian food, and I love cheese. However it does not always like me back! If you can relate to this! I have the perfect trick for you to add to pastas to get some of that creamy cheesy texture back! I typically use this recipe for a spaghetti bake which I plan on posting about later... stay tuned. But it could easily be used for a topping to a dairy free pizza or mixed into a dinner for a cheesy effect.

8 oz of raw cashews (whole, pieces, halves, doesn't matter)

Salt to taste

Basil to taste

1 pot of water (about 6 cups or so)

1. Leave your cashews in a glass bowl that can withstand hot water.

2. Fill your pot with the water and bring it to a boil over high heat.

3. Remove from heat and pour over the cashews until they are completely covered and have about an extra inch of water above them.

4. Let the cashews sit for 20 minutes to soften.

5. Strain the cashews, but keep the hot water they were soaked in.

6. Add the strained cashews to your food processor. Add salt and basil per your own preference. I would suggest starting with about 1 t of each.

7. Put the lid on the food processor and begin to blend it, adding 1 T of the leftover water at a time.

8. After 2-3 T remove the lid, and scrape down the sides to get all the remaining chunks.

9. Replace lid and continue to blend. At this point do not add more water unless it still appears very chunky. It should begin to look like ricotta cheese in texture. Could take a couple mins. Stop and scrape sides as needed.

10. This process can be tedious but it is better not add enough water, than to add too much!

11. Remove from food processor and store in an airtight container. Should last in the fridge for about a week.


- If you are wanting to use this for something non-Italian I would recommend not using basil and just salting it! You can always season it later with whatever recipe you are using.

- If you would like the mixture to be thinner, you can add more water during the blending steps, it will mostly depend on your preference of texture.

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