• Alie Powell

Grace Upon Grace

A customer was looking at the tabloids shaking their head about who knows what article (this happens a lot when you work a cash register). They usually proceed to make comments like oh wow I didn’t know that she was dating him/married this person/was pregnant/gained so much weight/ etc etc. And my typical response is a giggle, at how worked up people get over something that is most likely, not real at all. That stemmed a conversation with the bagger that was with me, we were talking about how media and everything can be so much to handle and how overwhelming it must be.

Imagine your everyday life, the times you are a hot mess, don’t want to be bothered, the days you literally don’t want to even get out of bed because it’s been a long week, (you know the days where Netflix is your BFF??) or even the greatest day ever where you want people to walk around taking pictures of you. Could you even imagine having people following you to watch you like a hawk?? I mean, if you are a celebrity and they catch you in a t-shirt and shorts at the grocery store, oh your life must be a wreck! But how often do we just hang out in a cute comfortable outfit in our “normal lives.” OFTEN. In college most girls I knew wore t-shirts that were way too big, and legging, literally everywhere. But could you imagine the grief celebrities would get?? Why is this so? Why do we care?

If we could all just take a step back and remember that public figures, celebs, politicians. They might have talent, or a big role in America. But they are still JUST PEOPLE, with real problems, and days they want to be comfy. If we all just put ourselves in their shoes, and realized it must be extremely stressful and tough in the spotlight… We might have a little more sympathy for them. As well as being a little more thankful for the days you can roll up to the store in yesterdays shirt, and jeans you probably haven’t washed in a week (you’ve done it, don’t even lie).

Overall though, this reminds me of just grace, we all receive grace everyday from

Jesus that we do not deserve, even on our best day. Yet, God continuously pours His love and grace out on our lives even though we are sinners daily, just because we believe in Jesus! What a blessing that is! So before we go and judge, knit-pick, and put these iconic people under the media’s microscope, how about we put ourselves there first. And remember that if we had to be watched all day everyday by people who are looking to find our flaws, we’d probably seem pretty shady too. (OK maybe it’s just me, but again if you are perfect, this blog is not for you!) How about next time instead of feeding into the media hype on what this big politician has done, how about we turn to God and pray for their circumstance? That He puts His hand on the situation, and then LET IT GO! How great of a world could this be if we stopped feeding the hype, and started praying for it!

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

-Romans 5:8-



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