• Alie Powell

Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hey Live Good Good fam! This recipe I have for you today hails from my mom's kitchen! She modified (and by modified I mean wrote her own recipe on the side of another, haha) this recipe years ago. And today, I'm pulling it out of the vault. Mom, this one's for you! Here is a chocolate cookie recipe that is sure to impress while still tasting amazing. It also holds together like a typical cookie, unlike many grain free recipes. So let's get to it.


3 eggs

2 t baking soda

1/4 t salt

1 t vanilla

1/2 C honey

4 C almond flour

1 C chocolate chips (as always I use dairy free/vegan chocolate brands)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line your cookie sheet with parchment paper. You could probably use a baking mat here too, but I haven't tested it personally.

  2. In a bowl whisk eggs for 30 seconds.

  3. Add in baking soda, salt, vanilla, and honey to eggs. Mix well.

  4. Pour in almond flour and stir until completely combined.

  5. Mix in the chocolate chips.

  6. Form into 1" balls (or use a 1" cookie scoop) and place on cookie sheet. 12 per pan.

  7. Bake until light brown on top about 8-9 minutes.

  8. Cookies will still be very soft when moving them to a cooling rack so be careful, but once fully cooled they will be set up and hold together perfectly!

  9. ENJOY!

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