• Alie Powell

Love is Easy. True Love is Not.

It is so easy to say you love things, people, places, books, food, etc. But, how hard is it to love that random stranger that just cut you off in traffic, in the rain, on Monday morning?

This morning during my quiet I’ve been thinking about a couple things:

  • Saying you are praying via meme on Facebook, and actually allowing yourself five minutes to pray are two different things. We need more time alone with God, and less time on social media.

  • Truly allowing God to break your heart for what breaks His, is a really big thing to pray for, but there is such beauty in it.

  • Above all I’m thinking about Love this morning, the perfect kind of Love. Not like the I ❤ Pizza kind. The Love that is overwhelming, gracious, unwavering, deep, faithful, and true. The kind of love we can only learn to feel when we accept to Love the father has for us.

With that being said this verse has hit me hard this week, so much so, it might be in my wedding vows someday. Over the last year, God has been shaping the way that I love, so drastically! Showing me what true love for family, friends, people, and life is. Showing me, that without him, there is no true love, and that the love of this world won’t last without him at the center.

Friends, I encourage you not to just read this verse, and even if you’ve read it a thousand times before, let this time be more, let it sink in. Read the words, and feel what Peter is saying here:

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

-1 Peter 4:8-

This isn’t the romantic kind of love, the movie perfect love, or even the easy kind of love. No, this is the walking in, when everyone else has walked out love. The catching up even when you don’t feel like you have time. The helping someone with groceries because they are struggling. The love that tells someone you’ll pray for them, and doing so. The love that involves putting someone else’s needs before your own. The love that tells it like it is, not out of spite, but out of care.

I’ve heard people say, or share on social media that they believe love should be spread, and that love conquers all. And they are right. True love does win. However, if the person who so avidly shares this opinion, is one of the most bitter and cranky people you know…friends, my heart breaks for these people.

This by no means makes me perfect, or say that I know all, or have it all together. I’m just saying, if we could be that person. Go the extra mile, smile a little more, hold the Joy of the Lord in our hearts, and pour out His love…OH….what a great world this would be.

If people could stop with the “I’m too busy” or the “well they don’t -fill in the blank- for me, so why should I”? If we don’t get off our high horses, and down into the trenches, with the people we love that are hurting. Can we actually say you love them? And I know, loving someone from a distance is easier, but loving someone through the mess, and DESPITE the mess…is so much more rewarding.

Something that spoke to me is something I’ve heard my pastor’s wife say often. “There are two types of people: One that walks in the room, and says “Here I am!” and one that walks in a room and says, “There you are!”

Friends this week I challenge you to love on people, encourage them, write them a letter, shoot them an email/text, remind them that you love them, and are praying for them. Tell them how thankful you are for them. It takes a few seconds to do, and could make their day so much better! Loving stuff can be easy, but truly loving takes time and effort. It might not be easy, but it’ll be worth it!

XOXO, Alie

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