• Alie Powell

Monday Yellows

Ah, Monday, something our society has so quickly made the enemy of the week! The beginning of the end of the weekend which is oh so fabulous! Well let me tell you what, it’s Monday, it is currently around 5:30 am. And I’ve been up since 4:30. Don’t get me wrong waking up isn’t the easiest at this early (regardless of being a morning person). But every day is a gift, every day you have the choice to choose your attitude for another day, and every day you’re given is so so good. So instead of your typical “Monday Blues” or instead of sharing that oh so cute “Monday’s stink” meme, why don’t we stop and appreciate the day we are so blessed to have. Not everyone woke up this morning, be thankful you did!

I challenge you today and every Monday to wake up and experience what we can call the “Monday Yellows,” (or at least the concept of it) the Monday that says Good Morning world I’m coming for ya! The Monday that is life giving, and that makes your day a good day no matter what the day of week may be called.

See, we can find the bad reasons so easily, why we shouldn’t be awake yet, how it’s still dark, etc etc. How about we be the one who searches for the good reasons! I don’t have ac in my car, so early mornings mean cooler air! I get coffee, one of my favorite parts of morning. I have a job that is rewarding, and at times fun (I know shocking, but it’s attitude not circumstance). I have another day to bring joy to my little corner of the world, or at least try! Regardless, of how hard some days feel to find the good things… find one. I mean anything. Dig to the bottom of that one small positive thing, and speak life to it. Be thankful for it, and slowly it’ll be easier to find them. It’s the little things y’all! Make those Monday Yellows bright and sunny! Be joyful and happy! Choose Joy!

-“Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength” Nehemiah 8:10b-


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