• Alie Powell

Who Are You?

If you are at the point where you feel like you need to do things to impress people to be their idea of “normal” let me just tell you, don’t. Be you, and everything that makes you, you. You are special designed by the maker, who knew you before you were even conceived. You were made to have those qualities. I was made to be a planner, who loves people way more than she should. A social butterfly who can talk to anyone, and somehow still manage to feel alone. A passionate, loud person who will be honest with you, even when it is the unpopular opinion. I was created to fill my calling. I challenge you to do the same. I challenge you to find people who will allow you to be that person, and to encourage it. Be yourself, you are beautiful, because there is only one of you.

Do you ever think about certain qualities you have and wish you didn’t have? I’m not talking like a I hate my thighs, kind of thing. Or bad habits that you should really probably break. I mean personality traits, something that we wish we could change because you aren’t the “ideal socialite.” Like, hating your tendency for being shy, or that you feel awkward talking to new people, or that you’re not built for all sports? WELL, I am a planner. SUCH A PLANNER. In college, I became so organized that if something wasn’t in my planner in advance I wouldn’t do. Going out tonight, you coming? HA. No. That was NOT in the agenda! Sound crazy? Sure! But, take it back to my first semester. Falling behind, thinking I could remember all my homework, shoot, I did in high school, so it couldn’t be that bad? Wrong. So wrong. Deadlines came fast, sleep wasn’t ever enough, I ended up in a job I hated, and my classes were junior level, and hard!

So the second semester it was time for a change, I got a new job (still the one I have now three years later, I still love it), I got a planner, I wrote down deadlines, I went to bed on time. My grades got better, I joined a sorority, was involved in another club, and still worked. Over time, I let my planning over shadow being spontaneous. I allowed being a homebody to control my plans. It literally caused me stress to go out, even for dinner, without it being in the plan. My last semester, I broke that. I went out just because, had lunch last minute with a friend. I had random nights spent with friends, because I started realizing this was it. My last semester. I was leaving my friends, sisters, and my boyfriend. I was moving home.

I am waiting, ready for that next step in the plan. So I guess my point is it has taught me that I need both. I realized that I needed to embrace my planning, and my spontaneity and make them into the best me! I need that ultimate planner that is in me. Just like I need the spontaneous me, that says let’s go do something, right now, and just go! I have learned life isn’t as fun as it can be, if you’re over planning every detail! Some things, need to just happen. I know that where I am, is a period of waiting. I know that I don’t know the whole life plan, or where I’m going to be in five years, but I know, that I know, that I know, this is ME. This is who I am.

Seasons of life are funny, looking back they always have a funny way of showing us what life is teaching us, even when during we don’t see it. My challenge to myself, and you today is to embrace the things that make you, you. Don’t find yourself apologizing for being who you were called to be. It’s a beautiful thing to realize that the maker of the universe looked down, and thought the world needed one of YOU too. Revel in that, that He knows you, and made you to be great! Don’t let the world dull your sparkle.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…”

-Jeremiah 1:5a-



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