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Our Services

The Good Good Life Occupational Therapy is an occupational therapy company based in Melbourne, FL. Below is a list of some of the therapy services we provide. If you have follow up questions feel free to reach out to us with the listed contact information.

Customized Exercise Programs

Exercise programs are tailored to the needs of the client. Some of my sessions have been in a gym, bowling alley, and a driving range. If your injury or pain is keeping you from your favorite activities, we can help!

Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Management Interventions

Do you have pain and want some tips and tricks for how to manage it better? Occupational Therapists can offer many solutions to various resources for ergonomic positioning, adaptive devices, stretches, exercises, and more to aid in lowering/improving your pain. Note this is not guaranteed, but we are willing to do what we can to help.

Wellness, Mental Health, and Holistic Approach to Therapy

It is no secret that mental health and wellness are big topics in our modern world. We are so honored when clients trust us with hard conversations. Our practice will always be holistic in nature with our focus on the client as a whole and with Jesus at the center of all we do. We address all clients with a lens of love, wellness, and faith. We are not afraid of hard topics like death, sickness, loss of a loved one and mental health. They are big parts of everyone's walks of life and we believe occupational therapy can use this lens to better serve our patients as the entire person they are, not just a diagnosis, illness, or disease. 

Balance Training

Are you finding that your balance has become more and more off through the aging process? Or after a recent injury? Our balance programs meet you where you are at, so that you can build back strength and flexibility necessary for completing your everyday tasks.

Home Evaluations and Modifications 

If you are looking for ways to make your home safe for a parent that is now living with you, or you want to have your home be better suited for aging in place. Occupational therapists can perform a home evaluation to make educated suggestions about how to improve the safety and functionality of your home as you or your loved ones age in place safely!

Aquatic Fitness Classes

Though not a daily practice for us, we can provide water fitness classes to aid in fun exercise for those who may need or want lower impact workouts. Water fitness services are typically provided in a group setting for other businesses in the area. Please contact us for more information if you are interested.

What Our Clients Say

Image by Jazmin Quaynor

Bart M. 

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By 85, I had perfected bad posture, sitting, and movement habits and was unaware I was setting myself up for a mishap, perhaps a fall. Two minor vertigo episodes later, and near-falls, and I was wisely adhering to directions from Dr. Powell. We met routinely and I was reintroduce to sound and proper movement efforts that met my capabilities. Our sessions were pleasant and styled for my changing capabilities. Thank you, Dr. Powell for this 'renewal'!