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OT with AP: Intro

Here on the good good life I am all about finding life balance so you can live good good in all seasons! I've really been wanting to dive into OT content lately and was running into a road block of imposters syndrome. Which is simply just feeling unqualified or like what you have to say isn't valuable. So in order to combat my own imposters syndrome and put out some OT content from my experiences and perspective... without further adieu I give you OT with AP. A video series where we can talk about all things OT. The first episode is going to be talking about an overall view of my life and my OT journey this far. We will be digging into the more nitty gritty specifics as we go! I can't wait to connect with all you other OTs, non-OTs, clinicians, and any other people who may stumble across my little corner of the internet!



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