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Blood Pressure Tracker Sheet

Need a resource for your client to track AM and PM blood pressures with a space for symptoms? I got you.

BP Tracker Cover Pic.png

Monthly Check-In Packet

The week by week packet was designed for my patients to track their Home Exercises Programs (HEP). What days they completed their exercises, what times, any pain they have been experiencing that week, and specific activities they were doing that may have linked to the pain. This resource is super helpful for tracking not only HEP but what activities could be contributing to your client's pain.

Monthly Checkin Cover Pic.png

Daily Affirmations Sheet

Does your client need to make their own list of daily affirmations to fight anxiety, depression, or worry? Use this fill-in sheet to write some affirmations with them and then encourage them to hang it in a place they see often and repeat them out loud.

Daily Affirmations Cover Pic.png

Sleep Hygiene eBook

In this eBook you will find out what sleep hygiene is and why sleep is an important part of your health, how it affects your body, and how you can achieve better rest.

Sleep Hygiene eBook Cover Pic.png

Non-Pharmaceutical Approach to Chronic Pain eBook

In this eBook you will learn about the opioid crisis, chronic pain, occupational therapy, and their connection. Occupational therapists are skilled providers when it comes to addressing pain in a non-pharmaceutical approach. This guide is just a few of many different interventions they can provide patients.

Chronic Pain Cover Pic.png

Upper Extremity and Burns Study Sheet

If you are a student studying for the NBCOT this resource may be helpful to you for the upper extremity and burns. This study sheet is a colorful and helpful way to study these components.

UE and Burns Cover Pic.png
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